Brief Reflection

During this EDU 106 class my relationship with technology has definitely changed. I am not afraid to play with things and use trial and error. I know I can google tutorials and how to instruction for almost anything. This gives me the ability to figure things out on my own.

The future of technology and learning is very much based off of each person. If someone doesn’t want to learn technology or use technology to learn they won’t. You can make them take a class, and do the work but that doesn’t mean they will store that information for later.

Through this class I have gained a sense of voice I didn’t have before. I am able to stand up and talk about things infant of people and not be scared. Through conversations I can be the reason someone reaches out for help. I have gained my confidence through my writing, support from Rebekah, and J. I have learned that I am worth a fight, I am worth the hard work and dedication it takes to recover, and I am worth so much more than I thought I was.

I am most proud of being so open to talk about my eating disorders and my experience with abuse.

I could have done better by keeping up with the blog posts better.

Blogging really did help me keep track of my progress and it is something I intend to keep doing to be able to look back at how much I have grown.

Reflection drives learning because when we reflect we often remember the most important things to us, what stood out the most, what clicked, the things we see as important, and if we can’t look back to see that information we won’t be able to learn from it and find out what we should work little bit harder on.



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